WSOP Presents #RoadToTheTable Participants

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has revealed the much-anticipated list consisting of 14 lucky content creators who will participate in an upcoming poker tournament in December. The #RoadToTheTable campaign will bring together influencers combining a grand total of 28 million followers on their social media platforms. At the end of the tournament, they will meet face to face and try to become the next WSOP legend.

Who’s On the WSOP List?

The most downloaded free poker game in the world is determined to make the popular game even more known and accessible worldwide. In order to do this, WSOP has cherry-picked 14 highly influential competitors who cater to a rich array of online audiences. The list includes sports and lifestyle content creator part of 100 Thieves and 2hype house Jiedel, fellow 2hype house member and NBA aficionado Zack TTG, sports and fitness guru Kenny Chao, N lol646 FL connoisseur Matthew Meagher, and a successful duo that creates fantastic basketball-related content made of Lauren Fitzmaurice and Stephania Ergemlidze. The list was completed by Twitch streamer Malena Tudi and fellow Nmplol streamer Nick Palom, car-themed video creators Collete Davis and Adam LZ, ex-Vine star, Vlog Squad member, and comedian Nick “Jonah” Antonyan, fellow comedian Billy Mann, NYC lifestyle vlogger Erik Conover, and Latinx social media personality Jay Mendoza.

It’s Time for Some Unboxing: 14 Mystery Boxes Were Sent to the Influencers

All the content creators and influencers who will take part in the exciting #RoadToTheTable challenge have already received their mystery boxes. What’s in the boxes? Some cool poker chips and card decks they will practice their skills with over the course of the upcoming months. The mystery boxes were also accompanied by some cool video messages warmly welcoming them to the tourney. Lauren Fitzmaurice decided to share the contents of her mystery box with her TikTok followers as soon as she came back from Las Vegas. She took the opportunity to let everyone know that they could join her, watch her journey on TikTok and play poker by her side as she strives to turn into a walking poker legend in the flesh.

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ZackTTG, who has gathered close to 104 million views on his sports-based YouTube channel since his debut in 2015, decided to do the unboxing on his Instagram account. He added that in spite of being a newbie in the poker world, he spent the last few weeks engaged in the game. While addressing over 370,000 followers, he thanked his “homies” at the World Series of Poker for sending him the special kit that would help him up his game.

WSOP app general manager Guy Ceder expressed the company’s excitement to be able to finally reveal who the 14 lucky creators are, in hopes that their choices will help inspire large audiences to start exploring the game on their own virtually and in real life.

This year, the 53rd edition of the World Series of Poker will be held between May 31 and July 20 at two Las Vegas casinos.