Casino Guru Unveils a New Section Helper Tool

Casino Guru, the world’s most complex independent online casino resource, will help users find the best casino for themselves. As Casino Guru recognizes how difficult it can be to pick among the many available casinos, it launched a new tool for gambling enthusiasts. The so-called Casino Section Helper will help bettors navigate the saturated gaming market.

The Tool Helps Users Find a Suitable Casino

The Casino Section Helper is designed to suggest the best casinos based on criteria picked by the ufa365 players. By entering their personal preferences, gamblers can find gaming experiences that correspond to their personal expectations. So how does this revolutionary tool work?

The Section Helper works fairly simply. It will ask players three questions before proposing a casino that suits players’ preferences. At first, Casino Guru would like to know whether the player would prefer a casino that offers a deposit bonus or something without a deposit. The player can also choose the “I would like both” option.

After that, Casino Guru’s Section Helper would ask players about their preferred games. Gamblers can pick among slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo, baccarat, craps and dice, keno, scratch cards and other games. Players can also select multiple options.

Finally, the Helper will ask whether users would like to see established casinos or emerging operators. Players can also skip any of the three questions if they don’t have any particular preferences. After making their selections, players will be provided with the best casino for their needs. The Helper would also propose two additional casinos that fit the player’s criteria.

Casino Guru Plans to Improve the Helper in the Future

Casino Guru’s head of content, Maros Gasparik, spoke about the inspiration behind the new tool. He pointed out that Casino Guru’s database has grown a lot and now contains almost all of the available online casinos. However, this has certain drawbacks as it makes it hard for users to pick the best option the market has to offer.

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That’s why Casino Guru came up with the idea of a tool that allows players to enter their criteria and preferred games and find an online casino that fits their needs. This is a part of Casino Guru’s strategy of always providing its users with best-in-class tools and information.

Gasparik teased that Casino Guru will not stop here and will work to further improve the Casino Section Helper. Right now, the Helper is fairly simple but Gasparik and his team plan to add more questions and allow fans to enter even their most specific preferences. However, this will not happen until Casino Guru has had enough time to test the current version of the Helper and has heard users’ feedback.

In addition, Casino Guru will continue working on other tools that help iGaming enthusiasts navigate the complicated online casino sector. For example, Casino Guru has a complaints center that helps players resolve conflicts with gaming brands. In May alone, the center solved a total of 265 separate cases.