Ocean Casino Resort to soon premiere $85 million of new offerings

In New Jersey and the owner of the giant Ocean Casino Resort has announced that the property is spending roughly $85 million so as to soon debut 460 new rooms as well as multiple food an lg777 d beverage outlets and a mezzanine sports bar.

Atlantic City-headquartered operator AC Beachfront LLC used an official Monday press release to detail that it is planning to debut 463 sq ft Contemporary Blu rooms within the Boardwalk property from the first day of July at a cost of about $72 million. The firm proclaimed that this project drew inspiration from ‘the colors and patterns of the shoreline’ to further elevate the 20-acre venue’s ‘best-in-class hotel offering’.

Seaside stimulus:

AC Beachfront LLC stated that the coming rooms for its Ocean Casino Resort enterprise are to feature ‘beach-inspired flooring and wallcoverings’ in order to present patrons with ‘a calming atmosphere’ while furthermore introducing ‘soft-touch fabrics to mimic the style and forms reminiscent of this modern and iconic building.’ Alongside bathrooms with marble flooring, over-sized showers and double vanity mirrors, the operator pronounced that these fresh spaces will offer ‘a beach-scape aesthetic’ complete with additional amenities such as wet bars, dining areas and ‘generous lounge seating for guests to host small gatherings.’

Sumptuous salon:

Adding to this and AC Beachfront LLC disclosed that it is devoting approximately $5.2 million to bring a 100-foot elevated bar and lounge to its Ocean Casino Resort complete with video poker machines and gaming tables offering roulette and blackjack entertainment. The company moreover asserted that this new feature, which is to be branded as The Gallery, is to open in the center of the property’s existing 130,000 sq ft casino from July and be complemented by the mezzanine Balcony Bar where ‘guests will enjoy the ultimate VIP sportsbook experience.’

Culinary considerations:

Bill Callahan serves as the General Manager for the Ocean Casino Resort and he used the press release to divulge that his property is to also soon to premiere an outlet of the Serendipity3 restaurant alongside ‘the newest and most picturesque Starbucks in Atlantic City’. He stated that all of this is to be complemented by the casual 60-seat Zhen Bang eatery as well as almost 1,000 sq ft of supplementary dining space, a branch of the Sole Mates footwear shop and a pair of cheese and alcohol stores.

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Latest link:

Finally, AC Beachfront LLC disclosed that it has just launched an improved version of its domain at TheOceanAC.com to showcase the Ocean Casino Resort as ‘a premier destination’ while simultaneously supplying guests with ‘a seamless user experience for booking hotel, food and beverage, entertainment, spa and nightlife’. The operator noted that this site features ‘light and airy design elements’ that incorporate the Atlantic City property’s ‘stunning visual components through multimedia galleries of video, animations and user generated content.’

Read a statement from Callahan…

“Ocean Casino Resort is committed to providing the best guest experiences in Atlantic City. Between our new hotel product, the addition of The Gallery, Balcony Bar and various original food and beverage outlets, there will be more reasons than ever to go to the Ocean Casino Resort this summer.”