PokerTribe Mastermind ‘Prince Fred’ Faces Legal Heat in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Fereidoun “Prince Fred” Khalilian is targeted by the state of Nevada and its attorney, which are trying to bring him on charges of ordering the foiled murder attempt on Juan Esco, the man who was making a documentary about Prince Fred, a moniker he earned because of his proclivity to introduce himself as an Arab prince.

Khalilian Wins Reprieve ssbet77 in Californian Court, But Nevada Steps In

Khalilian has vehemently denied these charges and the original case that was taken up against him by the state of California had to be dropped because at the time of “ordering” the alleged hit, Khalilian was in France, and the Golden State lacked jurisdiction.

In fact, Khalilian had received the reprieve from a federal judge which if not clearing his name, indicated that there was not enough evidence to indict him.

Prince Fred supposedly wanted to pay $20,000 to his bodyguard Michael Sherwood to kill Esco, whose documentary was going to cast the prominent socialite and gambling pioneer in an unfavorable light.

Sherwood, though, spoke with Esco and told him about the plot, with the two agreeing to feign the filmmaker’s death, and taking staged photos as proof. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been involved in the matter, telling Esco to hide and not contact any of his known family or friends.

Although Prince Fred won’t be tried in California, he is facing heat from Nevada because Sherwood was in the Silver State at the time the supposed hit was ordered by the suspect. In an official statement shared by the United States Attorney’s Office District of Nevada, Prince Fred supposedly left numerous threatening messages to Esco to stop making his documentary.

Witness Tampering Adding to Prince Fred’s Woes

On top of any previous charges brought against Prince Fred, over his alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill Esco, the man is now facing one count of conspiracy to witness tamper. Although unconfirmed, Sherwood was offered $400,000 to not testify against him, but Sherwood supposedly cooperated fully with the FBI instead.

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If he is found guilty, Prince Fred may face up to 10 years in prison over the alleged murder-for-hire plot and up to 20 years for his now-surfaced witness tampering. The case is ongoing, and Prince Fred has not been found guilty by any court.