Wynn Worker Crushed in Macau, Pickering Casino Worker Hit by Car

An accident that took place at the Wynn’s Palace Hotel in Taipa led to a fatal outcome for one of the workers on-site. The man passed away.

Wynn Worker Fatally Injured

Inside Asian Gaming news outlet covered the tragic incident at ufa800 Wynn’s Palace Hotel in Taipa with local reports clarifying the cranial trauma was the result of an accident during routine elevator maintenance. The deceased was reportedly a 51-year-old Filipino male and has died in the hospital as a result of his head injury.

Dimsumdaily provided further details about the incident, describing that the employee was checking if one of the elevator mechanisms was faulty and was in communication with a colleague on the lower level, who stopped the mechanism after hearing a strange sound. Since this is a work-related accident, the local Labor Affairs Bureau has been notified. ASGAM reports that the Labor Bureau has said that Wynn “has been notified” and the company has reportedly acknowledged the incident.

The Labor Bureau has reportedly been called to the scene after the police and fire workers arrived quickly following a signal by the deceased employee’s colleague to his superiors. According to the report, the Bureau has said it will “continue to investigate the cause of the accident” having already arranged for Wynn to “stop all work” at the site. Other than expressing condolences, no other official information has been issued by local authorities or Wynn yet.

Pickering Casino Worker Hit by Car During Strike

Casino workers in Pickering and Ajax, Canada had gone on strike in July, trying to ratify new deals with better pay and work conditions, similar to their Atlantic City colleagues, who eventually also got wage increases and improved benefits. On the night of July 31, however, one of the striking employees was hit by a car, with some reports suggesting it wasn’t an accident. The unnamed person is reportedly a Pickering employee, who was part of the Unifor Local 1090 – the union behind the striking casino workers. According to reports, Unifor has called on the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation to sanction what it sees as an assault of peacefully and legally striking employees and members of the union.

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