Special Reward System Expected Soon in Valorant

A discussion on Reddit got the attention of Valorant’s development team. The discussion was regarding special rewards for dedicated players of the game which can show off their skills and time invested.

Reward System for Dedicated Players Needed in Riot Games’ Valorant

Riot Games’ new shooter Valorant has been unstoppable in gaining popularity. The closed beta was released back in April, but as of earlier this week, the 5vs5 tactical shooter is officially out. With the official launch the game received a new game mode – “Spike Rush&# lol646 8221;. According to the development team, Valorant will continue to grow and “Deathmatch” mode can be expected in the near future.

A recent discussion on Reddit was started yesterday that got the attention on one of the developers of Valorant. A user started a debate as to whether special rewards can be expected for players. The online player noted that anything can be bought in Valorant, which makes the repetitive play for a reward not that attractive. The player further noted that “exclusive features” would be a nice addition to Riot’s shooter. The user was referring to: “Exclusive Gun Buddies, Sprays, Player Cards, Weapon Skins, Titles can be awarded for things like X amount of bomb plants, defuses, Aces, total kills, clutch round wins, revives, Agent specific rewards like kills with ults or enemies spotted/hit with dart, enemies revealed.”

Further to the debate the online player noted that such rewards can be used for showing off skills and dedication towards the game. The user also pointed out examples such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s progressive badge system and Call of Duty’s weapon camo completionist.

Response of the Developers Was Not Delayed at All

Riot Games yet again proved that their Valorant development team is responsive and looks after the fans. In response to the online user’s discussion on Reddit, “tehleach” from Valorant’s developer team quickly posted a reply. Techleach said: “I definitely empathize here, I love showing off stuff like meters ziplined as Pathfinder on my player card in apex, or getting those mastery buddies on my gun in pubg.“

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The developer team member continued by saying that the team is currently working on different systems aiming at skills or time investment rewards in Valorant. According to techleach, those systems just could not be released with the official launch earlier this week. In conclusion, Valorant’s developer team member noted that the team wants such a rewarding system implemented in the game and the team also remains open for suggestions.

Looking at the way Valorant’s development team responds to community queries one cannot miss to say that the team cares about the player’s feedback. In a recent announcement, Jared Berbach, producer and product lead for Valorant said that the game has “unlimited potential“. Keeping in mind that the developer team listens to players, one can say that Valorant will continue to expand its potential with the help of the community.