Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman to launch new live poker show at the Hustler Casino

After signing a contract with Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, California, Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman are prepared to launch a new poker show next year. Titled Hustler Casino Live, the show will take place at the casino and feature no limit hold’em poker games at $5/$5 to $100/$200 tables. Sometimes the stakes may be higher and sometimes the game will change to pot-limit Omaha. No matter what, players will be able to tune in and watch quality poker action.

Making it Happen

The poker players are no stranger to the game or the spotlight. Feldman was the former owner of the Live at the Bike Livestream as well as its producer. This show took place at the Bicycle Casino. That show has now ended, and Feldman is looking forwa 7BALL rd to working on this new project.

According to Feldman, the show will not be on the air for a few more months as casinos are not allowed to open indoors in L.A. The poker players involved, and the casino is spending a ton of cash to make the show special, going above and beyond. Feldman said that everything will be top-notch in relation to the show, from production to the set and commentators.

A Solid Team

A number of individuals have come together to make this project happen. Feldman is working with Vertucci, a familiar face on Live At The Bike. Vertucci has been a business owner for 32 years and the two met playing poker. Over the years, the two men became close and started discussing ideas for a business, which included a possible Livestream poker show in L.A.

That dream is now coming to fruition and will be a great way to highlight the game of poker in a positive way. While many details of the show remain a mystery, we do know that several commentators have been revealed. This includes Nichoel Jurgens, David Tuchman, Norman Chad, and Bart Hanson.

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