Meridianbet is the Newest Sponsor of the Most Popular Serbian Club Crvena Zvezda

One of the top 50 European and the oldest Southeast Europe bookmarkers, Meridianbet, decided to place its bet on one of the best Serbian teams, BC Crvena Zvezda. Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) is currently the most crowned champion and one of the ABA’s best teams.   

The largest sponsorship in the history of the sport:  

In the whole history of the sport, this is the largest sponsorship that has ever been secured by a private company. This partnership means a huge success for both Meridianbet and Crvena Zvezda.   

M riches777 eridianbet is the newest sponsor of Crvena Zvezda’s shirts – but that’s not all. The company will become the newest sponsor of the club, and it will be seen in every club’s game, which is a significant success for Meridianbet. Also, the company will promote the club on all of its communication channels. The fan base of Crvena Zvezda is huge and passionate, not only in the ABA but also in Euroleague, which will help Meridianbet enhance its audience and increase its popularity among Zvezda’s fans.   

Meridianbet always was a very important part of Serbian clubs’ fanbase – and the company especially supported the region’s leading CSR club. This partnership will surely enhance the impact of the leading betting provider in Serbia on the overall sports industry. The basketball scene in the region will benefit from this partnership, as many new fans will surely be attracted to both Meridianbet and Crvena Zvezda.  

 One of the Euroleague clubs:  

The club is on its way to the stars – and this partnership will only speed it up. On its way to enormous success in the Euroleague, the supporters are always welcome – especially the ones such as Meridianbet. In the world of basketball, a lot is expected from this team, and they are willing to aim for great success.  

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Crvena Zvezda is probably the most popular national team in Serbia – it has the longest history and the hugest fanbase. Its main opponent, a Partizan, is also very popular these days, so the big companies are making choices between these two clubs.   

This partnership is a great success for both included parties. It predicts the great successes of Crvena Zvezda in future actions in the Euroleague. The club is about to show its potential and strength during the next season in Euroleague. The future surely has something in its sleeves when it comes to Meridianbet and Crvena Zvezda – and we can’t wait to hear what it is!