Esports Technologies Applies for a Betting Exchange System Patent

Esports-oriented betting tech provider Esports Technologies has revealed that it has filed a new patent application that covers an innovative private betting exchange system.

Esports Technologies Unveils a New Patent

The system in question is a solution that will offer bookmakers and big-time punters more convenience, better prices, and improved liquidity when betting on esports.

Esports Technologies’ chief operating officer, Bart Barden, spoke on this exchange and explained that it is something that could “substantially elevate the esports wagering experience for high-volume bettors and traders.”

He promised that the company’s team will con 291bet tinue its hard work in refining the technology in order to provide esports fans and bettors with the “most engaging esports betting exchange platform.”

Going into detail, the patent describes the new private betting exchange system as one that allows users to subscribe to certain esports titles, leagues, organizations, teams, and players. Furthermore, bettors will have the option of grouping the bets they are interested in making into bigger order blocks which will effectively reduce costs.

In short, Esports Technologies’ new solution is aimed primarily towards esports bettors who like placing big wagers. It will provide them with a higher degree of convenience as they will be able to easily follow their favorite teams and organizations.

Esports Technologies’ Recent Innovative Endeavors

True to its name, Esports Technologies continues driving innovation in the esports betting market. This June, the company patented a live streaming wagering technology that integrates betting to the world’s biggest video game streaming platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming among others. The company’s chief executive officer, Aaron Speech, pointed out that Esports Technologies’ goal is to create an environment where bettors can access everything they need without ever leaving the stream they are watching.

In July, the company announced that it is working on a new esports predictive model. Esports Technologies hired professional mathematicians to ensure that its new product will have competitive market qualities.

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In August, Esports Technologies applied for a patent for an esports betting odds generator. The technology was designed to automatically create betting odds through machine learning and advanced quantitative methods. 

Throughout the year, Esports Technologies continued to expand its business not only through innovation but through strategic business decisions as well.

In September, Esports Technologies forged a partnership with the iGaming solutions company Aspire Global and later acquired its business-to-customer brand in a $75.9 million deal.

In mid-October, Esports Technologies announced its intentions of opening a new office in Malta that will oversee the company’s expansion in Europe. The office is scheduled to open in less than two weeks from now.