DJ Esports Rebrands as with Clear Focus on Future

DJ Esports is keen to send an unambiguous message to what its product is all about and if esports betting is not uppermost on your mind, then the new name,, should communicate this succinctly.

The Future Holds Esports and Crypto

The rub is that‘s new name painfully smacks of, a Yolo Group property that also focuses on crypto sports and esports, as does DJ Esports. This slight overlap aside, DJ and now is a platform that has created a unique and distinguished product.

The new name will communicate openly to the platform’s ambitions which are to deliver on a variety of esports bets for popular markets such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. The platform is also enjoying a new license that will allow it to scale up its offer and will be hosting the World Prediction Series, it said in a statement. The license has not been specified in sponsored content for Dexerto, a leading game media publication. is also teaming up with GameStake (GMS) which is preparing for an initial coin offering (ICO). The company states that one user by the online handle of Gambolson won a total of 45 BTC or over one million in USDT in 2021

USDT is a cryptocurrency tethered to the currency of the US dollar. DJ Esports will allow players to continue logging through their accounts into the website. While this sounds tempting and seems to be running a legitimate project, the prizes went out to a single user.

In 2021, the company was able to divvy up and award five million worth of USDT among its consumers, as per the company’s own account. DJ Esports previously faced allegations of scamming a user made by YouTuber “Fragger.”

Grain of Salt Required in Approaching the Platform

The account has since made a change to its video and changed the title to reflect DJ Esports’ rebranding. What information is publicly available about DJ Esports in other media outlets seems to come from sponsored posts and the company’s own marketing efforts to spread the word.

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At first blush though, appears as a legitimate project. It has a good variety of markets and covers all main markets, promotes streamers, and encourages a community-driven approach that has been the bread and butter of other pr kagame ojects.

The rebranding also finally foregoes any ambiguity about what its purpose is which is good for a project that attempts to break into a promising but still small market. Caution though is advised as DJ Esports has so far been able to direct the public discourse about its project.