Casinomax Rolls Out eCricket Product for Sportsbooks

Esports betting solutions specialist Casinomax has rolled out eCricket for fans of the sport. The new product is designed to appeal to fans across the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and beyond.

The eCricket simulator is a ready-made solution that leverages Oddin’s understanding of betting and technology. As a result, sportsbooks can integrate it into their platforms to provide fans with non-stop betting experiences. The esports nature of the solution allows operators to keep fans engaged with 24/7 fast-paced content and betting markets.

The simulator is tailored to the needs in markets where cricket is popular but Oddin hopes to go beyond that and reach a global cricket fanbase of 2.5 billion fans.

Casinomax’s eCricket solution features 400 matches per month and can be scaled up to 1,200 matches. Matches run for less than 20 minutes, providing fast-paced action for cricket aficionados. In addition, the eCricket events sport high integrity standards, ensuring a fair and transparent betting experience.

Casinomax demonstrated its eCricket simulator during the SiGMA Asia event. The product quickly attracted the interest of attendees, highlighting its promising nature.

Sportsbooks are already integrating eCricket into their portfolio, allowing them to engage their fans with non-stop action and fill the gaps between professional sporting events. Oddin’s iFrame clients can easily and seamlessly roll out the new product.

Casinomax Is Looking Forward to Providing Exhilarating Experiences to Fans

Casinomax’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Vlastimil Venclík, expressed his team’s exc Unibet itement about the introduction of the innovative eCricket product to the betting community. He said that the eCricket simulator has been developed by cricket fans for cricket fans and will offer an exhilarating betting experience.

Venclík added that the new product is reliable and reflects Oddin’s commitment to fair betting.

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Our commitment to integrity ensures that users can place their bets with complete confidence. Our product will be available 24/7 to cover all time zones, and our tournament style with fast-paced games is designed to keep the bettors thrilled.

Vlastimil Venclík, co-founder & CEO, Casinomax

Casinomax continues to be a trusted partner when it comes to esports betting. This is further underscored by the company’s recent deals with operators all over the world. For example, the company recently agreed to power Olimpbet with esports betting in Kazakhstan. Earlier this year, the provider also formed a partnership with Lion Gaming.