BETER Commits to Dota 2 with ESportsBattle Tournaments

The tournaments covered by BETER are hosted by ESportsBattle, leading to a number of excellent events that will feature accomplished and high-performing Dota 2 players committed to giving fans the best value and entertainment to watch.

Dota 2 Takes Central Stage in BETER and ESportsBattle

All new tournaments will run for 11 days each and they will feature five teams which will consist of five players who have at least 7000-8000 in MMR, the metric that Dota 2’s developer, Valve Corporation, uses to rank players.

The tournaments will be played in a round-robin format with a single elimination final, culminating in each of the e haha777 vents. There will be 120 best-of-three matches, so plenty of action to see every month. BETER expects each map to take around 60 minutes to complete, or around 4 hours of quality Dota 2 content per day all throughout the month.

BETER already provides more than 25,000 events under its proprietary ESportsBattle brand, and the company is determined to scale. The portfolio now features games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, eFootball, eHockey, and eBasketball.

BETER Esports general manager Evgeniy Bekker welcomed the new opportunity to feature more content on the platform and expand with Dota 2. “Dota 2 is one of the most prestigious and popular games with millions of fans around the world, which is why we chose it as the fifth discipline to be added to our ESportsBattle tournaments,” Bekker explained.

BETER Confident in Future of Esports and Betting

This addition is also the next step for the company as it seeks to connect with ever bigger audiences and bring them the best possible experience they can enjoy in real-time. BETER is also the organization with the highest integrity control on Tier-3 tournaments, turning off-the-limelight events into worthwhile games and tournaments that people would want to watch.

All Dota 2 events covered by BETER, Bekker explained, were designed to meet the needs of next-generation gamers in full. BETER has also made a name for itself with its iFrame solution, a leading solution empowering esports fans and partner operators to leverage and harness the true power of esports betting.

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