Adrenaline focussing on the NFL with new Football Genius sportsbetting app

American software innovator Adrenaline has reportedly announced the launch of its new mobile-friendly Football Genius game to give sportsbetting aficionados the ability to win cash prizes by wagering on games from the National Football League (NFL).

According to a report from SBCAmericas, the firm revealed that the patented proprietary technology contained within its latest innovation was originally developed to help gridiron football teams gain an edge on their opposition. The source detailed that these advances utilize a series of complex algorithms to offer live predictions on a range of pos 7BALL sibilities including the play-calling tendencies of another coach.

Engaging entertainment:

Adrenaline reportedly explained that these in-play tools have now been turned to sportsbetting with the launch of its Football Genius game, which is available to download via the Apple App Store. The developer purportedly acknowledged that the new app permits users to place wagers on the outcome of every contest from the NFL alongside the real-time likelihood of particular plays being called.

Initial inauguration:

Casey Huke serves as Chief Executive Officer for Adrenaline and he reportedly affirmed that Football Genius has been paying out prizes throughout the NFL playoffs and will be offering markets on every snap at next month’s Super Bowl LV. The entrepreneur purportedly proclaimed that his firm’s intellectual property ‘also addresses a range of areas core to play-by-play betting’ including latency issues and ‘ensuring the action on the field matches what is being shown in the interface.’

Reportedly read a statement from Huke…

“Everyone who we demonstrated it to thought it was the perfect sector for it. We know we can always adapt it for coaches if the NCAA or NFL ever changes its mind but adapting to sportsbetting has been a home run for us.”

Expert encouragement:

To improve the technology behind Football Genius and Adrenaline has reportedly engaged a prominent group of NFL insiders including two-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Parcells and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre (pictured). The developer purportedly proclaimed that this rooster, which furthermore encompasses former standout players Trent Dilfer and Sean Payton as well as front-office veterans Trent Baalke and Mickey Loomis, ‘was crucial in both the original development and the ongoing improvements’ of its latest innovation and will now be helping to further enhance the game’s predictive technology.

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Deliberate destination:

Adrenaline reportedly pronounced that ‘having great football minds covering all aspects’ of the NFL will prove immensely valuable in making sure the algorithms in Football Genius are seen as ‘unparalleled technology’. The developer purportedly asserted that this ‘advisory board’, which furthermore includes current Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver John Smith-Schuster, is to additionally ensure that the game is considered the ‘go-to-market solution for play-by-play betting.’

Huke’s statement reportedly read…

“Developing this technology is one thing but understanding the thought processes and mindset of our advisory board takes Football Genius to an entirely different level. When you have the minds of champions like Bill Parcells, Brett Favre and Sean Payton it allows you to tap into the thought process of some of the greatest football minds out there.”