Abios Gives Esports Boost to Dragoni in the UK

Dragoni will utilize the Abios portfolio to deliver a better overall betting experience to consumers and fans of various competitive video games, with a particular focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and some of the best teams and players. This comes a month after Abios secured a B2B license in Sweden.

Boosting the Esports Betting Offer in the UK

The partnership will allow Dragoni to provide its audiences with much more insightful and meaningful experiences t taya365 hrough the esports betting platform. Dragoni has recently obtained its own license from the UK Gambling Commission which makes it well-positioned to bring innovative and worthwhile esports betting experience to fans in the market.

Abios in the meantime will allow Dragoni to utilize a number of excellent features such as player props, and in-play markets, and guarantee high uptime that translates into higher customer satisfaction. With the real-time data provided by dedicated traders, Abios is capable of fully powering the in-play experience for esports bookmakers, such as Dragoni.

The partnership also features Abios’ signature Widgets which will make it even more fun for fans to watch matches and experience pre-game and in-play stats. Another added benefit to the experience is access to historic data from all covered tournaments by Abios, including player stats, tourney brackets, map win rates for specific teams, and more, making it so much easier for esports fans to settle down and make a wager based on actionable information.

Companies Happy with the Deal and Its Impact on Consumers

Abios founder and CEO Oskar Fröberg welcomed the opportunity and said that it was a great opportunity to see his company’s data, widgets, and odds utilized by a trusted company such as Dragoni.

“We are excited to partner with Abios. This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing our users with a top-tier Esports betting experience,” added, in turn, Dragoni CEO co-founder Mark Cole, who hailed the addition of Abios’ industry-leading data solutions as one of the best ways to enhance the player experience for all.

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Meanwhile, Abios has continued to grow its data expertise by securing relevant partnerships with established firms from the sector. Recently, Abios partnered up with GRID to tap into data from the latter’s eponymous GRID Data Platform.